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Current Issue With Images

We do apologize that currently some images are not displaying correctly, and ensure you we are working on having this resolved as soon as possible.

On good news, we have finished upgrading our gif storage. We have watched gifs become increasingly popular with our community and lifted the upload limit for all members, however this also meant we need to make major upgrades to facilitate this. You can now 'gif' until your heart is content.

We do regret the interruptions and inconvenience however, these will be minimised as much as possible and we hope to see all image features better than ever within the fortnight.

  • roostermike2: Me too, hope you guys can fix it soon
  • lovetolickpussy718: we still need a way to clean up these fake pics and profiles
  • Hot4UAlready: There is a big problem with the images. I have lost a lot & can't view many.
  • YarmouthAndy: Another issue that I have noticed is that some peoples names are appearing twice, slightly on top and to the left of the persons name.
  • Ursus37: One thing after another...
  • Katsaros21: are the photos/gifs that disappeared gonna reappear...? or are they just gone permanently..
  • Ursus37: Some of mine came back.
  • Unquenchable: PHOTOS ARE BACK!! Yah!!
  • 1deepstroker1: I just got on here last night couldn't read messages, or down load pics,I upgraded to premium still can't bupload photos,or take pics upload them iybalway says upload error